1 year ago

21 January, 2017

The Cellar Theatre

Organised by:
Sydney University Dramatic Society (SUDS)


You said the films were too old, let’s get topical! Overnight between Friday and Saturday, we’ll be showing a good ol’ fashion double bill, culminating in rolling coverage from ABC, SBS, NBC, and really whoever is streaming on YouTube of the Presidential Inauguration. We’ll be serving, depending on the weather, HOT CHOCOLATE AND COFFEE (BYO IRISH); or ICY COLD RED BULLS.


1AM: THE DEAD ZONE, dir. David Cronenberg. The film that launched the career of Christopher Walken, THE DEAD ZONE concerns a man suddenly able to see people’s futures by touching them. Incidental contact with a charismatic political candidate reveals a future of NUCLEAR ANNIHILATION.

3AM: THE INAUGURATION OF DONALD J TRUMP AS THE 45TH PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, dir. 62,979,879 American People and, according to some, Breitbart, 4chan, and Senator Bernie Sanders. The ceremony that launches a new era in America concerns a country suddenly able to see their future by voting incorrectly. THE INAUGURATION OF DONALD J TRUMP reveals a future of NUCLEAR ANNIHILATION.


What time is this? The Inauguration starts around 3am, but to be safe we’ll be aiming for coverage from 2:30am. There will be a fun film shown immediately before.
Would Bernie have won? Noam Chomsky said “Quite possibly”.
Who is actually performing? At this rate, nobody.
Will Peter be speaking? Absolutely not but maybe about THE DEAD ZONE.