2 years ago

5 October, 2016


Organised by:
Wildlife Society

Have you ever wanted to learn how to conduct a proper post mortem on a wild animal? Now is your chance!

Come and learn from the best in the business, USYD's very own Derek Spielman.

Access: $15
Non Access: $25

Tickets will be sold on the Vetlawns on Thursday 8th September at 1pm-2pm, cash only.

MAX 20 people, so get in quick!

We will be working with deceased Australian wildlife, from veterinary clinics. This can be a lot to take in and the sights may be confronting. Please consider this if you are sensitive to blood or quick to become queasy.

Out of respect for the deceased animals we will be working with and for public relations reasons, no cameras/camera phones will be allowed inside the Post Mortem Lab.