2 years ago

26 February, 2016

Studio B

Organised by:
Womens Revue

Wanna dive into some comedy and performance in an inclusive and welcoming environment? Come channel your inner Ellen Degeneres, Whoopi Goldberg & Amy Poehler with some improv, theatresports and more.

Hosted by 2016 Wom*n's revue directors Kenny Murphy and Sarah Gaul this is for all levels of comedy experience! Whether you're only beginning your journey into the great world of comedy or well along the road come join us in learning how to make your brilliant comedic voice heard the way it should be.

If you enjoy the workshop and would like to be a part of the 2016 Sydney University Wom*n's Revue be sure to sign up for auditions on the day or check out our event and register your interest @ The 2016 Wom*n's Revue Auditions!

Or go straight to the sign ups here:


NOTE: This autonomous event only open to students who identify in whole or in part as a wom*n, non-binary or trans person.