2 years ago

14 October, 2016

Courtyard Restaurant and Bar

Organised by:
Womens Revue

It's been a long time since we all had Brunch don't you think?

As a celebration during the Verge festival of all things creative and good, the Verge Festival and wom*ns revue are hosting a good old fashioned brunch. There'll be food completely catered, which means we need people to register with the link below, but it's all completely free!

Come relax after a week of great representation in the Comedy Showcase, Theatresports Grand Final and a powerhouse like Nina Las Vegas headlining the closing night party!

This event is for all those who identify as wom*n in any shape or form at any point in time, so please only register if that applies to you :)

After brunch, Clare Cavanagh will be running a sketchy project workshop for all those wanting to get their sketches flowing!

Register here ASAP so we all get to eat yummy courtyard things! https://goo.gl/forms/qfLvGc0nIbvlz0nA3