1 year ago

26 October, 2016

Holme Building Sydney University

Organised by:
Womens Revue

Following sold out 2015 and 2016 shows we're ready to vote in the next Big Thing in USYD comedy: the 2017 executive and creative team for the Wom*n's Revue!

At 2pm on Thursday the 3rd of November at the Holme Building Reading Room we'll be voting in our Creative Team and Executive

1. Welcome and Introductions
2. Apologies and leaves of absence
3. Minutes from the previous meeting
4. Business arising from the previous meeting
5. Annual Reports
5.a. President’s Report
5.b. Treasurer’s Report
5.c. Producer’s Report
6. Election
6.a. Election of Executive
6.a.i. Election of PRESIDENT
6.a.ii. Election of VICE PRESIDENT
6.a.iii. Election of TREASURER
6.a.iv. Election of SECRETARY
6.a.v. Election of PUBLICITY OFFICER
6.b. Election of Creative Team
6.b.i. Election of DIRECTORS (2)
6.b.ii. Election of PRODUCERS (2)
7. Other business
8. Date of the next meeting
9. Close of meeting

If you have any questions about any of these roles please shoot us an email at womnsrevue@gmail.com or message our President Zerby Zerbst or Vice President Jess Zlotnick

The Wom*n's Revue Society produces an inclusive and engaging comedy show for students who identify in part or in whole as a wom*n and/or have had lived experience as a wom*n. We also work to foster a community of politically conscious wom*n and allies and encourage creative expression in multiple mediums.

Membership is open to anyone however creative and executive positions are autonomous. Come along on the day to sign up for the society if you are not already a member!