1 year ago

4 August, 2016

Off Broadway Hotel

Organised by:
Roller Derby Society

USRDL's derby family is growing, and you know what that means...TIME TO PARTY.

Join us at the Off Broadway Hotel after training (that's Thursday at 6pm). Everyone who attended one or both of our intake sessions is encouraged to attend the party, it's a great way to get to know your teammates. Plus, everyone knows that the best way to keep your skills memorized is to drink immediately after training.

There will be the full range of league merch available for sale including T-SHIRTS, STICKERS, TOTE-BAGS, LACES, BADGES, and SKATE STRAPS. All for super cool super low prices. PLUS we will be playing some footage of real-life proper professional roller derby bouts so all our new friends can see what the sport looks like in action.

All welcome, skaters and non-skaters alike, bring your friends, bring your mum, for jugs and food and fun.

We're gonna do some group discounted food n jugs, if you want in on that it'll be ~ $6 ACCESS ~ $12 Non-ACCESS ~ otherwise just do your thang!!