2 years ago

5 May, 2016

Isabel Fidler Room, Manning.

Organised by:
Political Economy Society (ECOPsoc)

Hey all, it's approaching time for the ECOPsoc Annual General Meeting! Due to some bureaucratic requirements we have to do the AGM again.
All positons will be open again for nomination until 4pm on Thursday the 5th of May. Remember, we're in the Isabel Fidler room in Manning.
email all nominations to: ecopsoc@gmail.com

At the AGM, the following positions will be up for election:

Vice President
Social Commissar
Propaganda Commissar
Publications Commissar
Faculty Liaison commissar
Community Liaison Commissar
Student Liaison Commissar
Wom*n's Commissar

If you would like to nominate for any of the above positions, please email us - ecopsoc@gmail.com

Nominations will close at 4:00 pm on the day of the AGM (5th April), nominations must be received by the ecop soc email account posted above.

The agenda is as follows;

1. Openings and Welcomes

2. Apologies and leaves of absence

3. Minutes of the previous meeting

4. Business arising from minutes

5. Correspondence

6. Motions on notice

7. Annual reports of the executive

8. Election of the executive

8.1 President
8.2 Vice President
8.3 Secretary
8.4 Treasurer
8.5 Social Commissar
8.6 Propaganda Commissar
8.7 Publications Commissar
8.8 Faculty Liaison commissar
8.9 Community Liaison Commissar
8.10 Wom*n’s Commissar

9. General business

10. Date of next meeting of the executive