1 year ago

25 August, 2016

Eastern Avenue, the University of Sydney

Organised by:
Political Economy Society (ECOPsoc)

Hey all,

We're very happy to announce that the Political Economy Society will be contributing to Radical Education Week 2016.
Fitting given Political Economy's radical education origins, and more fitting given the ever-relevant contribution of Political Economy to challenging orthodoxies, axioms and unthinking rigidities.

Three (possibly more!) of ECOPsoc's fine friends will present a short but informative workshop on the meaning, relevancy and applicability of the insights of Poltiical Economy to anyone looking towards a more just society. We'll be exploring how political economy can help us see through the bullshit of mainstream economics and politics, the contributions of dissident traditions in economics (such as feminism, Marxism and environmentalism), and discussing how these insights can help activists in the present.