1 year ago

2 September, 2016

Hermann's Bar

Organised by:
Sydney University Quidditch Society

An owl to every member of Dumbledore's army - your bravery, wit, cunning, and dedication is needed. Bring your wand, dragonhide gloves, and make sure to dress warm.
Meet at the three broomsticks. We are going on a hunt.

The Sydney University Quidditch Society presents a campus-wide scavenger hunt! In teams of 5-7, you'll be provided a list of horcruxes to find and challenges to complete, with eternal glory for the highest scoring teams, and the most creative too.

Check-in will begin at 4:30pm, with brooms up at 5pm, touching back down at the three broomsticks by 6:45pm.

Tickets are FREE for Sydney University Quidditch Society members, $2 for Access, and $5 for non-access card holders (general public).
You'll be able to pay on the day.

Follow this link! https://goo.gl/forms/GjfXGwgQtyuxfBOX2

If you have any questions please message this page or email quidditchsoc@gmail.com.