1 year ago

27 October, 2016

Holme Meeting Room 1

Organised by:
Sydney University Quidditch Society

The 2016 Annual General Meeting for the Sydney University Quidditch Society will be happening on Thursday 27th October, from 5-7pm, in Holme Meeting Room 1.

Nominations are now open for all positions on the executive, including team committee, and all nominations can be submitted through this form: https://goo.gl/forms/X6E87SBAqPyBdiGh2
Because we are unsure of the future of the Unbreakables, we do not recommend holding an election for committee members for that team. The reason we are recommending this is that we don't know whether the team will exist in the future, and also people nominating for those positions may switch teams.

1. Opening and Welcome
2. Apologies and Leaves of Absence
3. Minutes of the Previous Meeting
4. Business arising from the Minutes
5. Correspondence
6. Motions on Notice
6.1 Consideration of Constitutional Changes
7. Annual Reports
7.1 President
7.2 Treasurer
7.3 Secretary
7.4 Other Executive Members
8. Election of the Executives
8.1 A President
8.2 A Vice President (Internals)
8.3 A Vice President (Externals)
8.4 A Treasurer
8.5 A Secretary
8.6 Up to two (2) Media Officers
8.7 An Events Manager
8.8 A Sports Manager
8.9 A Grievance Officer
8.10 Up to four (4) General Executives
9. Election of the Team Committee
9.1 Up to two (2) Coaches for each official existing team
9.2 Up to two (2) Captains for each official existing team
9.3 A Team Manager for each official existing team
10. General Business
11. Date of Next Meeting
12. Close of Meeting

All constitutional changes that are being proposed can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/187-v9r2rxi4QIChOKVsOgXyNLGUKeSlY5GBnWQheDPQ/edit?usp=sharing

If you have any questions about what each position of the executive does, please message the current holders of these positions, as listed below.
President - Natalie Astalosh
Vice President (Internals) - Laurel Keller
Vice President (Externals) - Lachlan Chisholm
Treasurer - Samantha Chittenden
Secretary - Kathryn Cooper
Media and Communications Officers - Kristie Kuhn and Pelin Ersoy
Events Manager - Courtney Buckley
Sports Manager - Lachlan Ward
Grievance Officer - Miki Stancic
General Executive - James Lim, Manoj Periasamy, Mark Ledger, Paul Harrison