2 years ago

5 April, 2016

University of Sydney - Wentworth Building

Organised by:
Pokémon League

Greetings, fellow Pokéfans.

Our AGM will be held after the study break in the USU International Student Lounge beanbag area (which I believe is now actually a louge area?). This will be both our AGM and weekly gathering. SInce this is the AGM, we decided that all members will get FREE PIZZA FOR ATTENDING!

In the event, we will be deciding the foreseeable future of the society. Please read the agenda below;

1. Opening and welcome

2. Apologies and leaves of absence

3. Minutes of the previous meeting

4. Business arising from the minutes

5. Correspondence

6. Motions on notice

i) Amendment of Sections:

4.1 of the Constitution to include: Secret base trainer (Facebook/gmail event manager), Pokemon watcher (photographer) Pokemon breeder (catering manager ), Pokemon contest judge (organises prizes) National pokedex manager ( external parties manager), Advisor and financial advisor add description

5.9 secret base trainer should: Send the Facebook event at least 4 days before the event send the mail outs of event when membership is given , This responsibility will be given to secretary if not filled add description

5.10 Pokemon watcher should -Be in charge of having photos been taken at events, and either upload or give them to another executive to upload. -aim to do it within 3 days after the event -This responsibility goes to the publicity director if not if this role is not filled, then to the President if not filled add description

5.11 Pokemon breeder -be in charge of catering -this responsibility goes to the event manager in case this role it not filled add description

5.12 Advisor -Passes information to the president Add description

5.13 Financial advisor -advises the new the treasurer about financial issues. add description

5.12 Pokemon contest judge -Organised prizes for events Goes to the vice president if not filled add description

5.13 National Pokedex manager shall: Help collaborate joints events(in consultation with the other executive) with: -other societies -Other Pokemon societies (like unsw) -this responsibility goes to the President if not filled

7. Annual Reports
7.1 President
7.2 Treasurer

8. Election of the Executive Positions up for election:
8.1 President
8.2 Treasurer
8.3 Secretary
8.4 two events manager
8.5 publicity director
8.6 three art directors
8.7 secret base trainer (facebook/gmail events manager)
8.8.Pokemon watcher (photographer)
8.9 Pokemon breeder (catering manager ),
8.10Pokemon contest judge (organises prizes)
8.11 National pokedex manager ( external parties manager
8.12 General

9. General business Future events

10. other business

11. date of next meeting

12. close of meeting

13. chair declare meeting close

We hope to see you there!