1 year ago

19 August, 2016

Canterbury Olympic Ice Rink

Organised by:
Turkish Society

Is this you?

Is this?

At the end of week 3 and already wishing you could glide away from your assessments? While our Olympics athletes are away, it’s time for uncoordinated losers to come out and play. So whack on some uggs, slip on a beanie, and show up for team Turkstralia at TURKSOC’S ICESKATING! We may not be able to swim, but damn we can skate.

WHERE: Canterbury Olympic Ice Rink
17A Phillips Ave, Canterbury NSW 2193

WHEN: 19 August, 8-10.30PM.

HOW MUCH: $10pp

MATES RATES? That is mates rates. TurkSoc is generously subsidising entry by half, giving you a cheeky 10 bucks you can spend on a HSP later.

WHY: to e-skate all our problems.

TurkSoc Winter Olympics. Hope to see you there! We can barely contain our ex-ice-ment.