1 year ago

20 October, 2016

Mechanical Engineering Building, Usyd

Organised by:
Women in Engineering

As Week 13 looms we are all in an erratic state of mind. BUT do not worry its that Thai of year for...


BUT this year it will be a little different, we will be decking out the Mechnical Engineering Lawns for a Thai Style Picnic Thursday of Week 12 from 6pm, for the ultimate wine and dine experience. Make sure to bring an empty stomach , because there will be an extensive selection of Thai cuisine and wine/punch to accompany.

You may be thinking, Thursday night? Ain't nobody got Thai for that...but trust us - we'll make the night worth your while with some banter, alcohol and good times. Don't tell us that doesn't sound en-thai-cing...

Tickets will be sold outside PNR starting this week from Thursday 12pm onwards everday - get in early as we only have a limited amount of spaces!

Ticket Prices:
Access + Member: $10
Access: $12
Non Access: $18

Hope to see you all for a Thai-riffic night!

*SUWIE and the USU support the responsible service of alcohol