1 year ago

7 August, 2016

Hermann's Bar

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Hey Unimates!
Get ready, gear up and join us for the most exciting Pokemon hunt in the city!
You will be travelling in team: Valour, Mystic or Instinct and completing against each other in the series of fun challenges in order to win many attractive prizes.

Payment option:
Member: FREE

Non-member with access: FREE

Non-access: FREE

Meeting details:
Herman’s bar at 10:30AM.
Note: Please arrive on time so that we can do a briefing of how the event will be organized.

Royal Botanic Garden’s entrance at 3:00PM.

Things to bring:
• Money
• Comfortable shoes
• A bit of snack
• Opal Card
• Phones
• External battery.

We are very thirlled to see you guys and have fun, exciting Pokemon hunt day.
Please fill in the form below to register!


If you have any questions. Please contact:
Danh: 045199373
Alisa: 0423127268