1 year ago

2 September, 2016


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G'day Unimates!

Join Unimates on Friday September the 2nd for our first and insanely awesome PUB CRAWL!
8:00PM meet up at Scary Canary to give people wristbands
8:30PM the pub-crawl starts at Scary Canary and continues at Scruffy Murphys, Sidebar and Scubar
11PM end up at Scubar

The theme for the night is: BLACK. So get your black clothes mode on! However In order for us to recognise our beloved Unimates (and for you to recognise each other!), you will get a little special gift to wear for the night. So don't be late!

Buy tickets here:
11$ for Members: http://tilt.tc/KE4i?s=wb&u=uusyd
13$ for Non-Members: http://tilt.tc/4C9u?s=wb&u=uusyd
15$ for Non-Access: http://tilt.tc/Qwg8?s=wb&u=uusyd

What’s included:
4 drinks (1 drink at each bar) and pizza
Unimates shirts for access members! (or extra $7.50 for non-access)

We will be joining the great Sydney pub-crawl team and their big events for $20!

Check out Sydney Pub-Crawl here: https://www.facebook.com/Sydney-Pub-Crawl-127440277453907/?fref=ts
See you for a fun night full of pub-crawl spirit!