1 year ago

22 September, 2016

International Student Lounge

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G’day Unimates!

Whoah, is it Wk. 8 already? Time flies so fast!
As a stress relief for all those past exams and assignments, come and enjoy the macarons with Unimates!

A range of innovative flavours, colours and textures are provided, also they are 100% gluten free!

Each person can get TWO macarons!

Price (2 macarons):
Members: FREE
Access: $2
Non-access: $8

Remember to hold your own access card.
Hope to see you all soon!

PS. Our lovely Unimates T-shirts will be made available on that day for anyone who is interested in buying it :) The cost will be $5 for Access and $12.50 for Non-Access! Feel free to ask us any queries!