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28 September, 2016

University of Sydney - Wentworth Building

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Hi Unimates!!!
Do you guys know that Sydney has an abundance of fabulous ice-creameries and gelaterias? During this Mid-term break, we are taking you for an ice cream series at the historic inner city suburb Enmore. For the ice cream lovers, prepared to scream on the day!!! We will be visiting 3 rewards wining shops — Hakiki Ice cream, Cow and Moon, and Gelato Blue. Each has its own unique styles and will floor you with its delicious taste. At Hakiki, you will get the best Turkish Maras ice cream. It is different as from its hand churned making process that makes the ice cream melt-resistant creamy and refreshing. Cow and Moon is famous for their mouth-watering almond affogato flavour, a re-creation of the classic affogato. And at our last stop at Gelato Blue, we promised that you will get some yummy flavours that you never had in life!!!
The plan for the day is (28/9/2016)
4:00 – Meeting at ISL (level 4 Wentworth Building)
4:10 -- Taking a bus to enmore (bus 426,428,423 and M30)
4:25 –Hakiki Ice cream shop
5:00 –Cow and Moon
5:35 –Gelato Blue
6:00 – Heading home.
Prices and payment (includes one ice cream flavour from each of the shop above):
Members: $11: http://tilt.tc/Bq4G?s=wb&u=uusyd
Access- $13: http://tilt.tc/qLD6?s=wb&u=uusyd
Non Access-$16: http://tilt.tc/9gjq?s=wb&u=uusyd

Hope see you soon!
Your lovely Unimate Team