1 year ago

10 August, 2016

Courtyard Cafe, Holme Building, Sydney UNI

Organised by:
Politics Society

Welcome back fellow politics enthusiasts!

Come along to Courtyard Cafe on the 10thAugust to chat about what a crazy whirlwind the past couple of months in politics has been. Some drinks and snacks will be provided and an area reserved for the event (look for the banner!)

Our SPECIAL GUEST will be the one-and-only, 'world-renowned' election geek ANTONY GREEN. He certainly has been busy the past several months so if you have any burning questions about the Federal Election (or anything political for that matter) now's your chance!

Non-ACCESS: $3

New members can sign up for $5

Some potential things to discuss: on the day:
- the extraordinary Federal Election
- the US election, Party Conventions, nominees, the potential for the world to end under a Trump presidency
- an International Court has declared China's claim to the South China Sea invalid
- President Ismaïl Omar Guelleh was re-elected for a fourth term (receiving 87% of the first-round vote) in Djibouti!! (don't say you haven't learnt something today)