2 years ago

28 April, 2016

Hartley Teakle Building 83-C415

Organised by:
UQ South Pacific Islander Association UQSPIA

Are you graduating soon or looking for work? Do you find interviews daunting? Do you get nervous about interviews or public speaking? Have you ever came out of an interview feeling like you could have said this or that instead?

If you've answered yes to any of the questions above, UQSPIA have a solution for you!

Welcome everyone to an exciting new year of Game Changers ! What is Game Changers you ask ? In essence, Game Changers is a student-driven initiative that mainly focuses on boosting the confidence of our attendees through two focal skills: public speaking and interviews. Although university instills tremendous knowledge of our specific fields within our mindsets, we do not fully experience an appropriate opportunity to learn and practice the assets that increase our employability.

Therefore, we would like to offer you an interactive session where you can simultaneously acquire more approaches to these avenues and practice them. With a diverse range of activities that incorporate numerous aspects of cognitive, oral, and analytical processes, we aim to provide a full frontier as we develop these skills all together as a team.

WHAT: Game Changers Session #4
WHEN: 10am-12pm, 28th April (NOTE: First hour focuses on public speaking skills whereas the second hour centres around interview skills)
COST: Free UQSPIA members and first time Non-UQSPIA members, charge at $2 per session there after. (Membership is only $5/year)

More information shall be revealed throughout the week, so keep checking this event page. In all seriousness, we hope that you attain a grand amount of confidence from these sessions !