1 year ago

29 September, 2016

The University of Queensland - UQ

Organised by:
UQ South Pacific Islander Association UQSPIA

UQSPIA back at it again with another UQ first!

The University of Queensland South Pacific Islander Association are proud to be presenting INSPIA (‘inspire’), a one day student summit for – but not limited to – young Maori and Pacific Islander high school students!

WHEN: 29 September 9:30AM - 4:00PM
WHERE: The University of Queensland, St Lucia Campus
WHO: YOU! Or anyone who is thinking or interested in pursuing tertiary education
REGISTRATION: To attend this FREE event, fill out the registration form in the tickets link above.

UQ SPIA will be hosting its inaugural INSPIA summit, an initiative that will show students a glimpse of what tertiary education is all about. INSPIA will offer:
⠀⠀⠀⠀• Q&A Style Forum
⠀⠀⠀⠀• Degree Fair
⠀⠀⠀⠀• Life Skills Workshops

The Q&A style forum will include panellists consisting of established and inspiring student speakers of a Pasifika background. Through this, we intend to give an insight of their journey through the career pathway they have chosen and how tertiary education has helped them attain their success. The second part of the day will consist of a degree fair – an exposition run by UQSPIA members, providing information regarding the different programs UQ has to offer as well as QTAC or career pathway choices.

Our aim is to strengthen the presence of, and empower, the next generation of Maori and Pacific Islander students to realise their full potential.