2 years ago

26 March, 2016

Steele Building (03), The University of Queensland

Organised by:
UQ Smash Bros

You do not have to be a UQ Student or Member to enter the event.
Venue: 329 Steele Building (03) (Normal Venue),

Brackets: http://uqsmash.challonge.com/

Pre-Registraions: - No more registrations in advance, you can still sign up at the door as long as you follow the cut off times below.

Registered Players: https://goo.gl/sNU8SC

Timings of Events:
09:00am - Venue opens.
09:10am - Registration opens.
09:20am - Wii U Doubles start (First 8 Teams ONLY)
10:25am - Wii U Registation closes
10:25am - Melee Doubes Registration Closes
10:30am - Wii U Pools start
10:30am - Melee Doubles Start
11:00am - Melee Sinlges Registration Close
11:15am - Melee Pools are Posted and can be started.
12:30pm - Both Games Lunch Break until 1:15pm

1:15pm - Games Resume (LUNCH ENDS must be back in the room or game loss's will occour)
1:45pm - PM Sign ups close.
2:00pm - PM Sinlges Starts

06:15pm - Wii U CREW Battles Registation Open un themed but limit of ELO per Team.
06:30 pm - Wii U Crews Start

Wii U:
Project M:

Aside from all this, hope to see many of you on the day.

UQ Smash Exec.

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