2 years ago

15 April, 2016

Steele Building (03), The University of Queensland

Organised by:
UQ Smash Bros

Room is as normal, Steele 03-329

From 6:15-6:25 we will be holding for Members a Small meeting to get interest/feedback on a new Vice-President, more info on this in your member email that will go out on sunday.

Total Cost is $5 unless you you bring a Complete set-up you get free entry.

Bracket will open at 6:30 for sign ups and will close at 7pm sharp, unlike normal UQ Smash events we will not be running a Pre-Registration service for this event.

Feel free to play friendly's but if a set-up is required to move the bracket along that game will be a prioity.

PLEASE NOTE, the Room is Booked from 6pm and there may be lectures before 6pm so if you arrive early be aware.
The venue is only booked until 10pm and at 10pm we must be leaving the venue.

2 Stock - 6 Mins

Starter Stages:
Final Destination
Lylat Cruise
Town & City

Counter Picks:
Dreamland 64
Omega Stages.(Banned if FD is Banned/Striked)