1 year ago

8 July, 2016

UQ Holt Room

Organised by:
UQ Smash Bros

UQ Smash's first major event, featuring Melee and Sm4sh (3DS and Wii U)

Registrations are LIVE: https://smash.gg/tournament/uq-smash-final-destination-2016/
Please note that after you register within 24 hours you will recive an email with more details on how to pay.
Registrations will close Sunday the 4th of July. VENUE MUST BE PAID BEFORE THE EVENT.

For those who may need housing, info will be sent out soon.

An email will be sent to you with 2 online payment options (Bank Transfer or For now my personal PayPal). Please note a 2.5% online surcharge will apply.

Chances to pay in cash can be organised with either Jesse or Lachlan, so please get in contact with them if you need to pay in cash.

We are working hard to fix the issues we are having.

Smash for Wii U singles and doubles will be 3 Stock 8 Mins and the final Stage list will include 5 Neutral Stages and 1 or 2 counter picks.

For each complete set-up you bring on the day to leave locked in the venue over night will net you a $10 discount (until your entry is $0) (Paid on day when your set-up is checked)

(All in Australian dollars)
Venue -$30 ($25 if you pay by the 6th of June)
If you are a current UQ Smash Financial Member a $5 discount will be applied to your venue cost.

Singles Melee - $10 pp
Doubles Melee - $5 pp

Singles Smash Wii U - $10 pp
Doubles Smash Wii U - $5 pp
Crews Smash Wii U - $20 Per crew(Only the Crew Captian Will need to register)

SIDE EVENTS (All side events are 1 Double elimination bracket this might change.) All are limited to 32 entrants
Brawl Singles -$5
Project M Singles -$5
Rivals of Aether Singles -$5
Smash for 3ds Singles -$5

Please stay tuned to this event for all future updates.

*Once the venue fee has covered all costs it will filter down into the pots.

A bonus prize of $50 for the highest placing UQ Student in the main Melee and Smash Wii U brackets will also occur.

Lachlan - Head TO and president of UQ Smash.