1 year ago

28 September, 2016

The Red Room

Organised by:
UQ Smash Bros

As the Red Room is shut for Midsemester break we need to compromise, so we are going next door to the Kingham Room.
(also known as the 24/7 student space, next door the red room, on the 2nd floor of the UQ union complex. So kingham for short)

Bracket starts at 6:30pm, friendlies from 4pm. Contact us on the event if you can make to the venue before 7:15pm and we can slot you into the bracket.

$5 PP goes towards the the Pot for 1st and 2nd.
Bracket will be Round Robin unless numbers push for a straight double elimination. (Or both if time allows) 2 stock, 6 mins if round robin, 3 stock, 8 mins for double elimination.

We have the space to run melee, so if people are able to Bring a CRT plus Melee we can run that also, let Lachlan know so we can update the event accordly.