2 years ago

4 March, 2016

GO Lounge

Organised by:
UQ Sci-fi and Fantasy Society

Hello everybody, Scifi Fantasy Society members both new and old! Apart from our regular Thursday meeting we also want to arrange a once a monthly opportunity to visit one of our affiliated businesses, The Go Lounge, to play some boardgames in a fun and friendly environment. Price for the night will be $6 per head, but depending on the number of intersted members this could lead to discounts and bonuses in the future (hint hint, let's boost their business big time!)

The Stone's Corner business is close to a bus stop with information in a post below the best bus and time to catch if you want to be there by 5pm, the openning time on weeknights. The Go Lounge remains open until 10pm, so don't feel bad if you're running a little late due to classes or traffic.

A group can be organised to travel from the uni together, or enquire below to those offering a carpool (be warned, parking can be difficult and Coronation Drive/The Pacific Highway is a nightmare at this time making getting to the Juliet St exit difficult)

Don't be alarmed if you're seeing double! Due to some trial and error we've realised events we've shared from the closed group to the public page don't show up in 'our events' and we don't want all you lovely people who subscribed to our event notifications to miss out on knowing what we're doing!