1 year ago

19 October, 2016

Therapies Building (84) Room 128

Organised by:
UQ French Society UQFS

Notice has been given to members of the UQ French Society of the 2016 Annual General Meeting.

Come down for an afternoon of constitutional turmoil, election of the 2017 Management Committee, and, of course, du pizza.

President’s Report
Treasurer’s Report
Secretary’s Report
Election of the 2017 Management Committee

Nominations are hereby open for the 2017 Management Committee.
Nominations can be made for the followings positions:
Careers Officer
Education Officer (Equity)
Education Officer (First Years)
Two Social Convenors
International and Exchange Officer
Marketing and Sponsorship Director
Publications Officer
Pastry Convenor
Ambassador to the German Club

Members of the society wishing to nominate must nominate by email to secretary.uqfs@gmail.com with their full name, student number, the position/s for which they wish to nominate, and the following statement:

“I, [full name], hereby nominate and intend to use this email to communicate my nomination, as if I had signed such a nomination in person.”

Please note that to be nominated for a role you will need the signatures of two other members, one as the proposer, the other as the seconder of the nomination. If you are unable to find two other members to nominate you, please send your nomination through to secretary.uqfs@gmail.com and members of the Management Committee will act as the proposer and seconder.

Nominations must include all of the above requirements to be valid. Nominations are due to the Secretary by 6 pm on Wednesday 5th October 2016. Positions that receive one or zero advance nominations will be open for nominations from the floor. Note that late advance nominations will not be accepted.

Bien cordialement

UQFS Secretary