2 years ago

29 May, 2016


Organised by:
Nursing and Midwifery Student Association NAMSA

Hey there cheeky nerds. We know you've been working hard, and are still working hard on those mid sems. In honour of those hours of sleep that were so sadly lost, those parties you unfortunatly sacraficed.... or... those grades? you gave up to continue partying throughout mid sem assesment, we're throwing the cheekiest labcoat scrubcrawl of them all.

All you science based nerds its time to wash your lab coat for the first time in a long time (#eww), dent kids its time to clean the plaque off your white gowns, and nursing students, well, please just wear something without blood on it....

We'll be hitting some cheeky, and some unusual venues across brisbane, but we wont skip the UQ favourite (yes thats the RE, no we aint hitting dundazzzz)

Get your tickets at http://labcoatscrubcrawl.getqpay.com
Members $20
Non-Members $25

Money from ticket sales goes 100% towards your bar tabs and drinks! Venues will be providing special drink discounts as well.