2 years ago

24 March, 2016

The Red Room

Organised by:
Marketing and Advertising Society (UQMAS)

It's time. Time for the official launch of the University of Queensland Marketing and Advertising Society (UQMAS)!

Leave your approaching mid-sem exam-induced madness at home and come down to The Red Room Bar & Grill to celebrate our BRAND new society!

Come and mingle with your TARGET DEMOGRAPHIC, we're sure you'll leave more SATISFIED than a Kmart CUSTOMER, just be sure to DIFFERENTIATE yourself. Be on your best CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR or PORTER's FORCES will make a BARRIER TO ENTRY.

Who: UQMAS members (or sign up for $2 on the night)
When: from 6 pm Thursday 24 March 2016
Where: Red Room Bar & Grill