1 year ago

6 August, 2016

The University of Queensland - UQ

Organised by:
Marketing and Advertising Society (UQMAS)

You've seen the Gruen Transfer, you've partied Mad Man style, and now it's time to show us what you've got.

UQMAS is proud to present The Pitch. A pitching competition that will see successful entrants work with not-for-profit, I Can I Will, and potentially roll out a national brand awareness campaign. That's right, we're not talking a certificate and a pat on the back, this pitching competition will give you real world experience and massive exposure.

Registration opens end of week 2, Friday 5th August. The competition will run in weeks three and four culminating in the pitch-off Thursday 18 August. Entrants will need to be in teams of two, so hit up your clever mate, get thinking, get creative and pitch me perfect!

Stay tuned for more details!