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9 October, 2016

Toowong Bowls - Club Toowong

Organised by:
Nursing and Midwifery Student Association NAMSA

Attention fellow grandmas and grandpas,

We’ve had quite enough of this joint and it’s about time we blow this popsicle stand. We’ve had it up to here with our blended sandwiches, our thickened fluids, and the never ending stream of cups of tea and slices of cake. We want booze! On October 9 we’re going to break out, go down to the local watering hole, and show those whippersnappers how it’s done.

We’re pleased as punch to invite you all to come along - we’ll be cranking the jukebox so make sure your hearing aids are in (and turned on). Put on your lairy frocks or blouses, or your best pair of strides and get ready to get low - don’t worry, there will be plenty of nurses there to help you back up. Dress your feet in your comfiest (and most supportive) shoes or our podiatrists will not be impressed.

We have some bloomin’ great venues lined up, so we’re all set up to run a muck. Don’t worry about losing a few brain cells. If you do end up a few sandwiches short of a picnic, we have plenty of scientists coming along working on the cure for dementia!

Finally, because our carers don’t know we’re breaking free they won’t provide a shuttle bus for us to get back home. So make sure you’ve got enough wit about you so our paramedics aren’t left with a few sloshed oldies.

Who’s keen!?
I haven’t got my glasses on, I can’t hear you. Just RSVP to the Facebook event instead.

Tickets: http://geriatricpubcrawl.getqpay.com/
Locations Coming Soon.

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