1 year ago

19 August, 2016

UQ Sport

Organised by:
Filipinos and FilAustralians in the University of Queensland

Hey everyone! With Sportsfest 2016 quickly approaching, FilOz UQ will be holding its first practice for both Basketball and Volleyball at the UQ Sports Hall.

If you want to represent FilOz in a sport, please do come along as sign ups will also be happening. The sports this year include Basketball, Volleyball and Dodgeball.

During the practice, we will be folliowing this program roughly:

1st hour:
Volleyball and Basketball Practice (get to know your teammates)

2nd Hour:
1st 30 mins Volleyball game/s
last 30 mins: Basketball games/scrimmage

Also, this is an opportunity for people to get to know each other, your teamates and if you choose not to join any sport, feel free to join our very own cheer squad ;) there's a spirit award guys!

[A contribution of $3-$12 is also needed for venue hiring. Will vary depending on number of attendants, so please have change ready, thank you. As soon as you enter, please look for Marlunn, Marianne or Giselle]