1 year ago

29 September, 2016


Organised by:
Economics Society (UQES)

For the past 107 years, the University of Queensland and its School of Economics have enjoyed uninterrupted growth. The sandstone advantage has drawn students from across the globe to create change at a university within the world’s top 50. They even got Obama.

But since 1989, the pristine pool of Brisbane economics has been churning, much like the Brisbane River that separates us. The St Lucians would much rather hide behind their textbooks in Colin Clark and ignore it, but their competition for Big 4 jobs has been steadily growing in the CBD – straight out of Z block. Much like the entrepreneurs and innovators that it can include in its alumni, QUT and QUTEFS are disrupting the market. The students of QUT have effectively burst UQ’s bubble. And they do have one distinct advantage: they’re ready for The Real World.

If the Bachelors of these prestigious institutions have taught their students anything, it’s that diversification is to be encouraged. So, UQES and QUTEFS have decided it’s time to put their differences aside in favour of inflating their balance sheets. Members can look forward to increased liquidity and increased instability, all at no initial cost. This event will be too big to fail.

Come by the SXH (Stock Exchange Hotel) on the 29th of September at 6pm to engage in bond creation, watch your yields to maturity hit rock bottom and enjoy UQES & QUTEFS’ hospitality more than Lehman Brothers’ executives enjoyed their end of year bonuses.

It’s time for the UQ/QUT duopoly to come together to protect the sanctity of Eagle Street Pier. Does Griffith even have an Economics course?

NOTE: ONLY QUTEFS members are required to register for this event through Eventbrite