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11 October, 2016

Hawken Engineering Building (50) T103

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Economics Society (UQES)

Notice of Annual General Meeting

Dear University of Queensland Economics Society Members,

I hereby give notice of the 2016 Annual General Meeting, to be conducted on Tuesday the 11th of October, 2016, at 6pm. The place of the meeting will be announced in due course.

The meeting is called under section 14 of the UQES Constitution. Business to be conducted at the meeting includes:
• The receiving of the statement of income and expenditure, assets and liabilities for the last financial year, prepared by the Treasurer;
• The receiving of reports from the President and the Secretary;
• The receiving of the auditor’s report on the financial affairs of the Society for the last financial year;
• The presenting of the audited statement of the meeting for adoption;
• The election of members to the Executive where every nominated member must outline their plans and objectives for their nominated position within the Executive;
• The appointment of any auditor, who shall be the nominee of the Union for Clubs/Societies or an independent auditor, who must be a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia or the Australian Association of Accountants or a successor to either of these bodies.

The election of officers and other members of the Executive shall take place in the following manner:

• Any one (1) member of the Society plus one (1) member of the Executive shall be at liberty to nominate any other member to serve as an officer or other member of the Executive;
• A written nomination must be lodged with the Secretary, either in hard copy or by email, at least forty-eight (48) hours before the general meeting at which the election is to occur;
• Non-written nominations will also be taken from the floor at the general meeting, although only for positions which are uncontested or for which no nominations have been made;
• Voting by proxy is allowed. Each member can have up to a maximum of one (1) proxy votes. For the purposes of this subsection a person so designated is called a "proxy" and the person designating him or her with their power to vote is called a "principal." For a proxy vote to be valid:
o Both the principal and proxy must be valid members of the society;
o The delegation of the principal’s power to vote to the proxy must be in writing; and
o The original copy of this written document must be given to the returning officer before voting commences.
• To receive a proxy vote for the purposes of subsection (i), members must demonstrate a valid cause for requiring a proxy. A valid cause for absence is and cannot be anything other than:
o Illness, as evidenced by a medical certificate;
o Absence from South-East Queensland, as evidenced by proof of travel;
o Work commitments, as evidenced by a timesheet or submission from employer; or
o Assessment due during the time of the annual general meeting, as evidenced by the course ECP or the UQ Central Examination timetable
• After notice of an AGM or SGM has been given, non-members have seven (7) days to become a voting member for the purposes of that AGM or SGM.
• A nomination for the position of President requires affirmation from three (3) members of the Executive, in addition to any two (2) (general) members of the Society.

Quorum for the meeting will be 20 members.
The returning officer (Alexander Buckle) can be reached by a.buckle@uqes.com.au. The secretary (Edward Hogan) can be contacted by e.hogan@uqes.com.au. Please direct all inquiries to the returning officer.
The link for the nomination is below:


Kinds Regards,

Edward Hogan
Secretary, UQES
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