1 year ago

19 November, 2016


Organised by:
Business Association (UQBA)

2016 has been a year of heartbreak.

Richie dumped Nikki, to our collective anger. Then Georgia crushed Matty’s hopes, making us question why we even put ourselves through this for a whole month. And of course, Britain broke up with the EU, leaving us not quite upset, but just really really disappointed.

But sometimes a little heartache is necessary to learn a few lessons. That we should stop taking friends and family for granted. That we should stop tagging our friends in dank memes when we know they have their aunt on Facebook. That yes, Harambe really isn’t coming back. And that maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to buy that smashed avo for brunch on the weekend because you will never own a house at this rate.

And every cloud has a silver lining after all.2016 saw UQBA, UQES and SUSS become bigger and better than Donald Trump’s ego. It was the year Queensland become the pinnacle of euphoria, with Bunnings snags, milton mangoes and a cheeky #8inarow.

So before this historic year wraps up, UQBA, UQES and SUSS want to spread a little extra loving your way. Whether exam season has left your GPA soaring high like Daenerys’ dragons, or obliterated like the Sept of Baelor (#thanksCersei), it’s time to leave your textbooks behind. Grab your squad and cheers with us to the year that was, and the Summer that will be. Join us one last time this semester at the UQBA, UQES and SUSS End of Semester Soiree!

Date: 19th November @ 7pm
Location: Friday’s Riverside
Tickets: Tickets are not required for this event! All UQBA, UQES and SUSS members (18+) are welcome to attend! Click on one of the following links to purchase membership:

UQBA membership ($5): www.uqba.org.au/membership
UQES membership ($5): https://www.tilt.com/tilts/uqes-membership-2016-the-rede-card
SUSS membership ($5): http://suss.getqpay.com

Please note: This is an 18+ only event. UQBA, UQES and SUSS all support the responsible service and consumption of alcohol.