1 year ago

30 October, 2016

Room 412-42, University of Queensland, St. Lucia Campus

Organised by:
Underground Productions

It’s the end of the year, which means it’s time for our Annual General Meeting. The purpose of the AGM is threefold: to allow the current exec to report on the events of 2016; to briefly discuss items to be changed for the company moving forward; and to elect the 2017 executive.

This year the AGM will be held on the 30th of October in room 412-42 at UQ, St. Lucia. Discussion topics will not be decided on the day – please submit any specific topics you’d like discussed by email to contactus@undergroundproductions.org.au to be added to the agenda. Written versions of the exec reports will be released a week before the event for the perusal of members.

Similarly, if you’d like to review the company’s constitution – including more detailed descriptions of the exec roles – email contactus@undergroundproductions.org.au to request a copy.

We will also be taking pre-AGM nominations for specific exec positions, and would encourage anyone interested in these positions to nominate before the meeting itself. Nominations will open on 23rd October, and be due by midnight on 29th October.

Production Manager
Festivals and Development Officers x2
Front of House Manager

23rd October: Exec reports released/exec nominations open
28th October: Deadline for submission of agenda items
29th October: Agenda released/deadline for exec nominations
30th October: AGM begins at 10AM

See you there!