1 year ago

10 October, 2016


Organised by:
Chemical and Environmental Engineering Student Society

Are you scared to go anywhere near Refec this week?
Have you starved yourself in preference to being hounded by hundreds of student politicians?
Are you just keen for a ChESS cook up and can't wait until the last day of semester for Cheeky Pig on a Spit?

Don't worry, we understand. To help out we're creating a No StuPol Zone around the Grassy Knoll BBQ area to provide you with great saus and Zooper Doopers to get you through the last few weeks of uni. Come down, meet the new exec and avoid being bombarded with flyers.

When: Monday, October 10th, 10am - 3pm
Where: UQ Grassy Knoll
What: Great saus
How Much: $2.50 for saus, $2 for soft drinks, $1 for Zooper Doopers, $4 for a saus & drink combo