1 year ago

12 October, 2016

UQ Michie building

Organised by:
Borneo Students Association

There comes a time in BSA’s yearly cycle where we thank our members for their participation in our events by splurging it out on free pizza!

This year that date has landed on the 12th of October, at 4pm.

Just let us know the types of pizzas you guys are into, and we'll get down to it.

Oh yeah, there is also AGM.

The annual general meeting (AGM) is every club's yearly meeting to determine the official committee members for the next year. We've had a lot of volunteers for the past year, but they'll be officiated at the AGM (if everyone likes them, that is).

If you haven't been volunteering for the last year, don't worry! Come on over, introduce yourself and tell us why you wanna be apart of the dream team!
Now, we're a pretty fun loving bunch, always posting pictures of doges and what not, but no doubt BSA is still a commitment and will still require you to take some time out of your day to help out!

Nontheless, come along, eat some pizza, do some push-ups, do an Shia Labeouf impression, whatever you think can score you a position in the committee :D

So if you are interested in becoming a committee member, please fill our an application so we can have something to refer to on the day!

Details are as follows

Date: 12th of October, 2016
Where: Michie Building (Building 9) Room 210
When: 4pm until we crash, but like ya know, we can't stop, and we won't stop.
Why: I personally enjoy ruining everyone’s healthy eating plan I guess