1 year ago

28 October, 2016

Natural Ampitheater -UQ St Lucia

Organised by:
Chemical and Environmental Engineering Student Society (CHESS)

Righto Chem Enj it’s like this; you’re havin’ a sesh on the books coz exams are next week and its gonna be muntos. Next minute you're absolutely fangin for a saus and you're like 'oi when's smoko ay' but Vicky's shakin her head 'nah mate all the barbies are booked out', heavy days. Then Rhi the absolute ledge calls pig on a spit, yeah the boys! Pips and Gabs jump in the Getz to get the pig, Cando's on the zooper doopers, Rupes does up an all Powderfinger and Cold Chisel playlist (maybe a cheeky bit of Daddy Cool in there somewhere) and Dan hops in the ferry to fetch some mangoes and cranberries from up the brown snake. Great bants, great DR1NK D34L5 and a mint night with great m8s was had by all.

The place to be: Natural Amphitheatre, UQ
When to be there: Friday 28th October, 4.30pm - late
Chip in 5 bucks if you're a member, if not it's a cheeky 10 bucks at the door
Cash only
18+ event, bring ID
Free water
(We will actually have saus on the night)

See ya there ay

WE ARE NOW TAKING THE CHEEKIEST OF SONG REQUESTS HERE: https://docs.google.com/a/uqeus.com.au/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeAlE4NGbvW_t1dMASWIrjjqRp0zbAhmogCrJz8Gh9CYj402A/viewform