1 year ago

23 October, 2016

Room 217, Sir Llew Edwards Building (14), UQ St Lucia

Organised by:
UQ Street Groove Hip Hop Urban Dance Society

2016 has been a HUGE year for Street Groove!

Although another year is coming to an end, your journey with us doesn’t have to stop here- we’re on the lookout for a team of passionate and enthusiastic members. That’s why we’ll be holding our annual general meeting where a fresh new team will be elected to head the executive team of Street Groove for 2017!

o Do you aspire to promote Street Groove as a supportive and diverse community of members from all walks of life?
o Do you have a respect (and love!) for the culture and foundations of dances such as Hip Hop?
o Will you display pride and initiative for the club as a whole?

If you answered ‘YES!’ to any of these, take the rewarding opportunity to become a Street Groove executive member, or committee member for 2017! Regardless of where your talents lie, there’s a place for everyone in the Street Groove team!

If you’re not applying for a position, come along too! We need your vote - this is your club as much as ours and you can have a say in what team you want leading the club in the coming year (also, there will be pizza)!

The executive positions available for 2017 are the following:

Class Manager
Social Events Manager
Vice-Social Events Manager
Performance Crew Managers (2)*
Social Media Manager
Photography and Videography Manager
Sponsorships and Marketing Manager

*Please be informed that it is recommended for the following positions that:
President - be in the executive team for at least one (1) year
Secretary - be in the club for at least one (1) year
Treasurer - be in the club for at least one (1) year
Vice-President - be in the executive team for at least one (1) year
Crew Manager - be in the crew for at least six (6) months

If you aren’t sure being an exec is right for you, but still want to get involved and develop new skills,


The committee is a diverse bunch of helpers that support the exec team and contribute to making our club such a positive environment! If you have skills in videography/photography, editing, music mixing, arts and crafts, design, or just want to help out - WE WANT YOU!

Simply express interest during our AGM or to us directly, and we will gratefully welcome you to the team :)

Detailed descriptions of each position will be posted up soon!

Nomination Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1mQYkJEHEFI1ooQIMXob8H7qtAWkDDq6FmRAWzAvWCqY/edit?uiv=1

Nominations will close at 12PM on Saturday 22nd October 2016.

Feel free to message the Street Groove Facebook page or email us at enquiry.streetgroove@gmail.com if you have any questions or enquiries.

Show your support for the Street Groove fam by attending our AGM:
Date: Sunday 23rd October 2016
Time: 12PM – 1:30PM
Location: UQ, Sir Llew Edwards Building 14, Room 217

We look forward to seeing you there!