1 year ago

12 October, 2016

Lecture hall 216, Prentice Building (42)

Organised by:
Malaysian Students' Association (UNIQMSA)

The end of the semester approaches, and thus the time has come for the current UQMSA committee to be refreshed with a new bunch of successors.

If you
· have a strong passion towards serving the Malaysian community in Brisbane;
· are able and willing to commit your effort and time for the club throughout the new term; and
· would like to gain more experience and broaden your social horizons,

We then highly encourage you to follow your heart and run as the club’s representatives for the 2016/2017 term! Details of UQMSA's Annual General Meeting 2016 are as follow for those who are keen:

Date: 12th of October 2016 (Wednesday)
Time: 6PM – 10PM
Venue: ELCX (Bldg 50, Room C207)
*Supper will be provided (halal)*

Positions available are:
> President x 1
> Vice President x 1
> Secretary x 1
> Treasurer x 1
> Sponsorship Convener** x 2
> Social Convener x 2
> Media & IT Convener x 2
> Education Convener x 2
> Marketing Convener x 2
> Operations Convener​ x 2

**For those running for the SPONSORSHIP CONVENER position:
Our sponsorship convener volunteer who was recruited in mid-August 2016 will be contending for 1 of the 2 spots, where voting will be open to members of the floor (a two-third majority votes will be necessary for official appointment to the position). The second spot will be open to members of the floor.

Please find the AGM INFO PACK through the following link >>> http://l.uqmsa.org/agminfopack2016 to access more information such as:
- Terms and conditions of application
- AGM Structure
- Executive and committee key roles and responsibilities

Please note that applicants for the Executive Positions (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) will be called for an INTERVIEW with the current UQMSA executives. The tentative dates are 10th or 11th October 2016 (Monday / Tuesday) and will be informed in due time.

If interested in running, please FILL UP this form >>> l.uqmsa.org/agm2016
by the 7th of October (Friday), 11.59pm.

ALL MEMBERS are highly encouraged to attend the AGM as every vote counts to ensure that the new committee is selected by the members, as well as for the members. Do know that your vote has the power to determine how the club will be run next year.

Kindly note that only current UQMSA members are allowed to attend our AGM to ensure fair elections. We appreciate if you could bring along your membership card with you during the AGM.

We look forward to seeing each and every one of you there. May the best man or woman win with honour! ;)