1 year ago

3 October, 2016

ELCX, Hawken Engineering Building (50-C207)

Organised by:
Malaysian Students' Association (UNIQMSA)

Are you ready to get confident? Do you want to make yourself presentable to the working world?

If so, join UQMSA's first ever

This forms the 2nd component of Think Tank 2016 which aims to help boost your confidence to be ready to present your ideas at Think Tank's Finale!


Date: 3rd October 2016 (Monday, it’s a public holiday!)
Time: 9:15 am (registration) - 1:00 pm
Venue: ELCX, Hawken Engineering Building (50-C207)
Dress Code: Formal

*The event starts at 9:30 PM SHARP
**Lunch will be provided & is halal AFTER 1:00 pm
***There will be a tea break in between the workshop :)

We will be having a few ACTIVITIES within this workshop:

No. Session Notes
1 Grooming Workshop
(for Males)
Make-Up Tutorial
(for Females) Males: Get simple tips and hacks and how to improve your style, and how to dress accordingly and appropriately.
Females: Get first-hand tutoring from our guest beauty make-up blogger. If you have ever felt overwhelm by the variety of makeup products, fret not because this tutorial will start from the BASICS.
DISCLAIMER: Chemist Warehouse are having a 1/2 price sales on cosmetics. Sales period till 28 Sept 2016. For a great hands-on experience, participants should bring their own cosmetics, mirrors (for females) OR bowties/ties (for males)
Female Participants: Please refer to attached “Word Document for a list of suggested makeup to get if you would like to have an idea on where to start!

2 Forum:
"Confidence: An inborn attribute, or one acquired through learning?" Gain insight from our guest panels from different backgrounds on how to be confident in our lives
3 Presentation Workshop Our guest speaker will be sharing with everyone the art of presenting your ideas to prospective investors
DISCLAIMER: Participants should bring their own laptops (Think Tank teams only need to bring 1 laptop per team)
*hint hint Think Tank Participants: This is good training for Stage 2 of Think Tank!

Everyone who is interested (INCLUDING Think Tank participants) will have to REGISTER through here:

---- NOTES to Think Tank Participants -----

1. There will be a GROUP PHOTOSHOOTING SESSION after the workshop for Think Tank Participants. Please email to uniqmsa@gmail.com if your full team is unable to make the Photoshooting session.
2. It is COMPULSORY to have at least 2 out of 3 of your team members to be present in order to be eligible for deposit .
3. Please REGISTER through the link provided to help us keep track of attendance :)