1 year ago

13 October, 2016

Schonell Cinema and Live Theatre

Organised by:
Underground Productions

Carrie’s getting them out for the lads. Charlotte’s just grateful to have a job, Sam’s being asked to sell more than his body and Aidan’s trying to keep Doghouse from going under.

Money, sex and photo-shop. Lucy Kirkwood’s popular black comedy interrogates privacy and the media, the objectification of women and the sacrifices young employees must make when negotiating ethics and financial stability.

[NSFW: Not Safe For Work – online material which the viewer may not want to be seen accessing in a public or formal setting such as at work].

Underground Productions couldn’t be more proud to present our final show of the year, NSFW, running from October 13-15, and 19-22 in the Schonell Theatre. Written by Lucy Kirkwood and Directed by Jack Braddy. To anyone who is in their third unpaid internship, anyone who knows they will probably be stuck renting until their 40s and anyone who is alarmed at the offensive things that still get sent to print in mainstream media: This show is for you.

Tickets can be purchased through this link: https://www.trybooking.com/NGHA

Underground Members: $10
Students: $12
Adults: $18

Open Preview: Thursday October 13th (7:30PM)
Gala Night: Friday October 14th (7:30PM)
Saturday May 15th (7:30PM)

Student Night: Wednesday October 19 (7:30PM)
Thursday October 20th (7:30PM)
Friday October 21 (7:30PM)
Saturday October 22nd (6:30PM)