1 year ago

2 September, 2016

Room 216, Sir Llew Edwards Building(14)

Organised by:
UQ Hong Kong Students' Association

Hi there!

UQHKSA Cantonese Workshop is now back on track after a semster break! For those who have taken part in our workshops before, I hope you can still vivdly remember what we taught in the last couple of lessons. And it's time now to move on to the next stage to become a Cantonese advanced learner by the end of this semster! In the first lesson, we will teach you how to ask a Cantonese speaker for directions and to write your name in Chinese!

While for new learners,you should give yourself a shot! Cantonese is seen as one of the toughest languages in the world, as in, the prounication and the intonation in sentences. If you could manage to learn a tiny bit, it will definitly be a huge achievement for you.

KEEN? Click "GOING" on our Facebook event page then you can definitely take home with some simple but useful Cantonese phrases for FREE! (I can't stress this enough haha)