1 year ago

23 August, 2016

The University of Queensland

Organised by:
Malaysian Students' Association (UNIQMSA)

REGISTER HERE: http://l.uqmsa.org/tt2016rego
TNC: http://l.uqmsa.org/tt2016tnc


Have you ever had an Idea that could Change the World? Have you ever thought of Challenging Yourself to pitch an Idea to entrepreneurs and managers?

Well, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this year’s Think Tank because now, it is your chance to challenge yourself. What is a better way of doing it, AND stand a chance in winning CASH PRIZES FROM A TOTAL OF $600 AUD! Case study themes will be released soon!

Think Tank is a COMPETITION, consists of TWO parts.

1. Proposal: Write a proposal to tackle the issue being outline in one of our provided case studies. The case studies will be emailed to all registered participants

2. Presentation: Pitch your ideas to the panel of judges during the Think Tank Finale

P/s. Fret not, we will be holding workshops on Proposal writing and Presentation skills.

REGISTRATION opens TODAY! Closing on the 7th Sept 2016.

Requirements to participate in Think Tank 2016:

1. Form a team of 3 members ,with at least 1 Malaysian Student studying in a University or Tertiary Institution in Queensland is participating in a group. If you do NOT have a team, we can join you with other participants looking for a team :) REGISTER HERE!
2. At LEAST 2 members of your group have to be available for the Confidence Workshop (Saturday, 24/9/16) (Those registering individually would have already formed their teams)
3. A $30 deposit must be made by the team. (Those registering individually will deposit $10)
4. Must abide to competition’s Terms and Conditions.(TnC can be read here: http://l.uqmsa.org/tt2016tnc )

What's next after registration?


Step 1*: Come along to our proposal writing workshop (not compulsory) on 2/9/2016 (Friday, 5.30 p.m. AEST). TIP: If you registered alone before coming to this workshop, you can find the other two team mates here. There is still time to register even if you do NOT attend this workshop.

Step 2: Case studies questions will be announced on 8/9/2016 (Thursday, 12.00 a.m. AEST).

Step 3: Submit your proposal by 23/9/2016 (Friday, 11.59 p.m. AEST).

Step 4*: Come along to our Confidence workshop to gain some confidence and presentation skills (24/9/2016, Saturday, Time and Venue TBA).

Step 5: Pitch your grand idea to our panel of judges on Think Tank Finale (8/10/2016, Saturday, Time and Venue, TBA).

*These workshops are open to ALL members, NOT only Think Tank Participants :) Keep a lookout on our Facebook Page to find out more information!

As Thomas Watson once said, "Follow the path of the unsafe, independent thinker. Expose your ideas to danger of controversy. Speak your mind and fear less the label of 'crackpot' than the stigma of conformity."

Good Luck and May the Idea be with You :D