1 year ago

31 August, 2016

University of Sydney - Igloo space in the International Lounge (bean bag area)

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Free pizza, free popcorn, bean bags and Hugh Jackman all in one place?? Yep, it's all happening at the International Students Lounge on Wednesday the 31st :))

Come and join VGen (World Vision society) at USYD for a screening of Dukale's Dream!! Whether you want to find out what a single person can do to alleviate poverty, or you're curious to see what World Vision is achieving overseas, or you've just exhausted your collection of Hugh Jackman movies + are always keen for free feed, chilling with this movie is definitely the best way to unwind on a Wednesday afternoon :)

Read on to find out more about the movie we're screening!!


In 2009, actor Hugh Jackman traveled to Ethiopia as an ambassador for World Vision. Hugh wanted to visit a
community development project to see how rural communities were being empowered to eradicate poverty.

While there, Hugh met a 27-year-old coffee farmer named Dukale working to lift his family out of poverty. Spending time on Dukale's farm, Hugh learned first-hand about the value of fair trade coffee. The visit inspired Hugh to launch Laughing Man Coffee & Tea to provide a marketplace for farmers like Dukale to sell their goods across the U.S.A.

Dukale's Dream shares this inspiring story.


This will be a great opportunity to meet like-minded people, new friends and the new exec team!! Please bring any ideas and suggestions you have if you have them as we're always keen to hear from you and help you help the humanitarian cause :)