2 years ago

22 May, 2016

Mad Dance House

Organised by:
UQ Street Groove Hip Hop Urban Dance Society

Teacher: Amalina
Dance Style: Dancehall

Location: Mad Dance House
Date: Sunday 22/5/16
Time: 3:00pm – 4:00pm
Dress Code: Something you can comfortably dance in!

Is your body ready for round two?!?! Prepare to release your inner groove because Amalina is back this Sunday with another kickass dancehall class. It was fantastic to see so many members really getting into it last time and she’s excited to again share with us this funky style of dance born from Jamaican reggae roots! This is a fantastic opportunity for both beginners and experienced dancers to learn some sweet dancehall choreography from one of Street Groove’s rising stars. We look forward to seeing you all there!!

Check out last week’s class:

Make sure to bring along your UQ Street Groove membership card to show to our executive members at the studio and don’t forget water or a towel to beat the heat!

======| WHO IS AMALINA |======
Amalina started her dance journey with ballet as a child, before picking up hip hop in her school dance club ‘Foreign Bodies’ at the age of 17. Since 2012, Amalina has explored other genres of dance and immediately fell in love with dancehall. She has done multiple productions including but not limited to; NYP Open House, Foreign Bodies Production (2012 and 2014), Natasha Studios Production (2015) and O School Production (2015). Since coming to Brisbane, Amalina has taken up different styles of dance and is now a part of the Chief Academy crew. She has also been part of the Street Groove performance crew since 2015.

Check out her YouTube Channel:
One Dance choreography: https://youtu.be/49wzTw-w1Cw