2 years ago

29 October, 2015

Rooms 304-305 mcelwain

Organised by:
UQ Psychology Students' Association

It has come to the end of the year, and it is now time for the 2015 PSA Committee to hand the club over to a new set of budding psychologists for 2016. The Annual General Meeting is an opportunity for any current PSA member to put your hand up for a 2016 Committee position, vote on candidates for positions, and have your say about where the PSA is headed.

The 2015 Annual General Meeting will include:
- Executive reports for 2015
- Elections for 2016 Committee positions
- Closing with beverages to celebrate the induction of your 2016 PSA Committee, and the hard work of the 2015 team

WHERE: Room 304, McElwain (24A), UQ St Lucia Campus, followed by Pizza Caffe for celebrations

WHEN: 5pm, Thursday October 29th


If you're interested in applying for a particular position, please email psacommittee@psy.uq.edu.au with your expression of interest (we'd ideally like a good paragraph as to why you'd be most suited to the position), and we'll also be taking nominations from the floor on the day (mainly in the event that someone else snags the position you're after)!

Hope to see you there!