2 years ago

25 May, 2016

The University of Queensland - UQ

Organised by:
UQ Psychology Students' Association


On the night of Wednesday 25th May the PSA is once again hosting the BIGGEST on campus capture the flag game on the battfield of glory (the engineering district).

If you’re up for a fun night and want to meet some great people this is your event!

Date: Wednesday 25th May
Fitness Level: Any level will do
Wear: Joggers and dark clothing, (headbands will be handed out at the start of the game)

Meeting point:
Meeting at the Pizza Café at 7:00pm so everyone gets a chance to mingle and make some friends and boast about their predicted glory.

We will then head on over to the STARTING POINT at the northern end of Cooper Road where it meets the pedestrian-only stretch of Mansfield Place (near the Priestley Building). Briefing of rules and team formation will take place here at 7:30pm. THE FIRST GAME WILL BEGIN AT 7:45pm SHARP!

Game basics:
Two teams, each with their own territory divided by a narrow no-man's land (in this case it will be Cooper Road).
You can be tagged when you're in the opposition's territory (contact with any part of the body/clothing counts as tagging) OR when you're holding the other team's flag and you're in no-man's land/your own territory.
The tagger can choose to send you back to your own territory (you have to walk slowly back across no-man's land with your hands held high in the air) or escort you to their team jail.
Objective is to find the opposing team's flag and take it back to your own flag without getting tagged.
No going into buildings, security will shut the game down otherwise.

If it's a rainy day we'll reschedule. If it's just a bit drizzly we'll probably still play. We'll post it up on the Facebook event at 6pm on the day before either way.

Feel free to invite friends, partners, and family - the PSA welcomes all! This is a fun, casual game so it doesn't matter if you've never played before or you don't think you'll be any good at it - come along anyway.