1 year ago

24 August, 2016

The Red Room

Organised by:
UQ Interfaculty Competitions UQIC

We know what you're all thinking... Launch party's are wrapping up and ball season is too far for me to bear! How am I going to put on all those calories I'm losing playing so much sport??

Well here at UQIC HQ, we have the perfect solution to your classic uni student dilimma. UQIC presents: The Fixture Mixer!

Come moisten your lips like a pair of rugby socks after a wet Friday night. The only travel violations we're handing out this time are for those who don't come and join us in your UQIC kit on this insanely epic, gold-star hump day hoorah!

Trade in your cleats for some beats, your netball skirt for a schooey and your prop for a proper good time!

Date & Time: Wednesday of Week 5, 4pm until LATE!
Venue: The new and improved RED ROOM
Dress Code: UQIC Merch (No studs)

UQIC will be setting up the slam dunks with the most competitive drink deals you've ever seen! More info to come closer to the event.