2 years ago

5 March, 2016

The University of Queensland

Organised by:
Underground Productions

AUDITIONS for Underground Production’s first festival piece!

In a perfectly normal share-house, five perfectly normal friends are settling in for a perfectly normal night. Then they realise someone's missing. He's been missing for four days. Nobody knows where he's gone. At least, that's what everyone says... What follows is a descent into deceit and distrust, as old wounds reopen and secrets are revealed. As the night progresses, old friends and new acquaintances begin to question each other's innocence, and questions of guilt and accountability threaten to destabilise this fragile group.

An Original Piece
By Jack Braddy, Dominic Guilfoyle, Kurtis Laing, Alex Letts and Josh Thia

May 5th – 7th
Anywhere Theatre Festival
Presented by Underground Productions

Director: Kurtis Laing
Assistant Directors: Alex Letts and Josh Thia

Saturday March 5th: 9AM – 2PM
Sunday March 6th: 9AM – 2PM

Callbacks: Sunday March 6th 4PM – 8PM at SCHONELL THEATRE

Please book an audition time by emailing us at fado@undergroundproductions.org.au, and prepare an approximately one minute long dramatic monologue to present on the day.


D lives in the household, and has been close friends with both Mark and J since high school. D is striving to find self-actualisation whilst being thrown into a chaotic situation. They were recently institutionalised, and diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.

T is Mark's sibling, the black sheep to his golden boy. Their focus in life is their own pleasure, which they achieve through a number of vices. Their history of being untrustworthy has alienated them from most, including their parents. Mark is the sole exception. Mark is the only thing in T's life that T truly cares about more than themself.

J is commanding personality, who seeks the best for themself at all times. Having recently graduated university with a law degree, J is beginning their professional life at a local firm. In J’s mind, nothing can jeopardise their promising future, even old friends.

B is a sensible and likeable person, but not especially extroverted. ‘B’ is dating ‘S’. While the pair genuinely love each other, ‘B’ is consistently concerned that ‘S’ is overtly flirtatious. ‘B’ struggles with the notion that ‘S’ is too good for them and might end their relationship.

S is very friendly and outgoing―a people person. They often feel compelled to follow the crowd. While ‘S’ genuinely loves ‘B’, ‘S’s open friendliness and popularity is often interpreted as being flirtatious. This worries ‘B’, thinking the worst. This concern greatly frustrates ‘S’.

If you audition and are successful in attaining a role for BLISS, your availability for Underground's second main-house show of the year may be compromised.